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As the coldest storm of the century begins to hammer down on the remote town of Skagway, Alaska, word gets out that a young girl has been stranded in the backcountry after an apparent bear attack. Out of options, the local sheriff turns to the only man that knows this treacherous tundra; a reclusive, troubled military vet named Whit. As temperatures plummet and with time running out, Whit will have to face his demons to save the girl before she freezes to death, if the mysterious arctic creatures don’t finds her first. 


Bart has written the script and will star, directed by Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing as well as product under their banner Tremendum Pictures in a co-production with Good-Brothers Ent.

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Bart debuted as a writer/director with his 18-minute 35mm short film entitled, “THE RUN”. The film, shot entirely in Mexico, is a prelude to a feature length film of the same name, “THE RUN,  Knuckle Brothers Save Baja”, expected to film in 2023 that Bart will also direct. The film is based on Bart’s real life experiences with his two brothers, Adam and Brad Johnson and their time spent in the fishing village of Erendira, Mexico. “Three estranged brothers reunite at the news their father has passed. They decide to take a surf trip, like when they were kids, down to a little fishing village in Baja, where their dad had lived after not returning from one of the trips, leaving them to be raised by their mother. When they arrive in Erendira, they find themselves caught in the middle of a drug lord's operation to open a new territory. The brothers accidentally destroy drugs and money in a series of blunders, while doing their best to just get back home in one piece. 

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Bart works with long time collaborators, best friends and real life brothers, Adam and Brad Johnson. They recently produced the documentary,“$6 and a Bottle of Water”. A story of the brother’s journey hitch hiking across the baja desert with empty pockets in search of tacos and surf and finding humanity and friends as they rely on the local people for rides and sometimes shelter across 1,300 miles of harsh Baja desert.


Lots more fun stuff in the works!!!


Coach Boltons SUMMER SCHOOL. Not HS4, but adjacent. This story takes place in the HSM universe, and lets the fan see what inside East High during the summer. The cut ups, trouble makes and class clowns are often the ones that find their way to summer school, which makes for a very interesting comedy. Things take a turn when the summer school kids are forced to do a musical and Coach has to direct the music-cal.


We are always developing and producing new content for various partners; family and travel docu-drama series as well as comedy based stuff and stuff.

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